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Design countertop basins

Every bathroom space is different and therefor asks for options and a personalized solution. Not Only White's collection of countertop basins consists of a fine range of slender shapes; organic and rectangular. 

We understand the need of a choice, but we will keep it easy for you by offering only the best designs.

Our countertop basins suit both residential and contract projects.

Still oval Palette

by Not Only White 

Still round Palette

by Not Only White  


by Joost van der Vecht 

Nest round Soft Touch

by Not Only White  

Still oval

by Not Only White  


by Marike Andeweg  

Still round

 by Not Only White   

Nest round

 by Not Only White   

Nest square

by Not Only White  

Nest rectangular

by Not Only White  

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Ease Palette

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