Custom made. For you.

Based on your needs. Designed and engineered with our expertise. Produced with the craftmanship of our German production. Guaranteed with a quality hallmark at the bottom of your washbasin. 100% Not Only White.

Endless combinations can be made with our custom design  approach.

Finding a fitting solution for your project is just a couple of decisions away.

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"Adding some space next to the bowl can be a good idea for displaying your care products."

Our models for customization:

Base - bestseller                                                   

Rectangular shaped bowls with small rounded edges 


Smooth shaped bowl with curved edges  


Rectangular shaped bowls with spacious rounded edges



Oval shaped bowl


Rectangular shaped bowls with straight edges


Round shaped bowls

Not Only White's custom made solution is based on our  6 models: Base, Box, Blend, Form, Mono and Noon.

provides flexibility to adjust the overall dimensions of the basin. Even the position and number of bowls can easily be modified.  

Many extra's can be added like tap holes, a backsplash, towel rails, holes for waste bins and open storage space. Just to name a few.

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With our Custom Made collection you can create:

A functional, compact solution

The hotel look at home

Integrated storage space

Hotels & offices need custom solutions

Not Only White is a creative and solution-oriented brand for the supply of washbasins and baths for the highly demanding hotel industry. We understand the importance of flexibility, quality, competitive pricing and lead time.

Throughout the years we have had the privilege to supply our designs to a variety of hotels, ranging from boutique hotels to the prestigious Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol by the hand of Mecanoo.

Our diverse collection with its clear aesthetics is not only suitable for hotel bathrooms, but are also a perfect match for high-end offices.

Hilton Schiphol

Not Only White supplied 444 basins
for all hotel rooms and public restrooms

One Bedford Avenue

Not Only White supplied 4m+ long vanity units
with multiple basins and custom made accessories

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