design bathroom products for modern homes and commercial spaces

Play with color and add another layer of luxury into your bathroom by using our unique Palette finish.

Palette allows you to personalize our Still, Nest and Pose collection as well as our baths in any NCS or RAL color of your choice.

Create that Bali-vibe with a warm beige tone. Or rather an industrial New York loft-look with a black freestanding bath? With Palette finish you can create your signature bathroom. At home or in a hotel.

Why choose for Palette?

Palette is easy to clean and UV resistant. Because of the availability in all NCS and RAL colors, design professionals can create a unique and distinctive aesthetic appearance in both residential and commercial projects. 

Thanks to intensive testing we can assure that Palette has a good resistance for stains and impact and an excellent surface impermeability. 

Palette is a two-component acrylic-polyurethane and pigmented paint, which is applied on our Velluto® biobased solid surface collections. On the inside and outside.

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