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The endless appeal of soft touch

With Soft Touch we create tactility and interest to the outside of our products. Just image the atmosphere you can create by using Soft Touch.

By adding this velvety coating a new layer of softness is introduced into your bathroom.

Soft Touch finish consists of two layers. The first layer is a two-component acrylic matt base coating with excellent adhesion and light resistance. The second layer is a two-component transparent polyurethane coating with soft touch effect in order to create that distinctive homogeneous, velvety tactile experience.

Color as connecting factor 

The nostalgic appearance of our double award winning Aim washbasin has been intensified by using color as the connecting factor between basin and frame. 

design by Joost van der Vecht

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Color blocking

Marike Andeweg, founder of Not Only White, about this special color blocking Soft Touch design:

“This idea found its origin in my daughter's favorite sweater. She was wearing it almost daily. Seeing these colors all the time apparently planted a seed in my mind, which grew into this special 2-color-soft-touch-edition.

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Spice up your restroom

In case a high impact is needed for example in the restrooms of a funky hotel or a co-creative workspace, dare to choose for a bright color.

For sure people will start to talk about their visit to the restroom!

If color is not your cup of tea, there will always be white: