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Not Only White x Loof by Joost van der Vecht

Loof is a Dutch design label since 1946 and offers a fine collection of beds and accessories. The design philosophy of Loof is akin to that of Not Only White so what started as a bold idea over a cup of coffee resulted in Stack. The brief for designer Joost van der Vecht - who designs for both labels - was to create a product that connects Loof and Not Only White and visualizes their individual essence at the same time.

Stack it

Joost van der Vecht looked at the materials both brands prefer to work with. For Loof his eye fell on natural oak and for Not Only White the choice was made for Himacs. To connect these two materials, a layer of marble was added. Stacked on top of each other. In random order.

Dark or blond?

Joost designed Stack as a functional platter to serve food, or just as object. Because we couldn't choose between dark or blond we opted for both version. Stack was produced in a limited series of 5 sets per color setting. 

 All images by Thomas van Schaick

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