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Marbled · episode 2
when function disappears: Not Only White x Thomas van Schaik & Eddy Frings


A series of 4 objects that we are familiar with in our daily life: care products. A hand cream pot, a pipette bottle for facial serum, a bottle with body cleanser and a smaller bottle for hand balm. Piece buy piece beautiful items to display on your washbasin.

The concept of Marbled is to capture the most common shapes of daily care products, and turn them into objects. Only the shape remains, and is intensified by the use of marble. Besides being a physical, tactile item, Marbled is also meant as a playground. Marike has asked a selected group of photographers to capture Marbled the way they experience it. 

In this second episode Dutch photographer Thomas van Schaik and stylist Eddy Frings used their creative skills to make stills of abstract objects in an abstract environment but leaning toward the atmosphere of a bathroom.  

Not Only White for LX Hausys
by Marike Andeweg